Meat-free. Plant-based. Vegan.

For some folks, those are practically dirty words. Despite the growing popularity of plant-based diets, not everyone is willing to try them. According to Rebekah Schouten at Food Business News, it’s all about phrasing:

The language used to describe plant-based foods may either suppress or enhance consumers’ appetites for them, according to recently released findings from the World Resource Institute’s (W.R.I.) Better Buying Lab.

Petra Smith at Vegan Food & Living is on the same page:

When marketing to non-vegans, the aim is to entice them into buying a vegan product even though that is not how they identify. It can be challenging to strike the right balance when showcasing that you are a vegan brand while also trying to engage an audience that still falls into a meat-eating category.

You see, marketing is key when planning promotion for your vegan or plant-based product, especially when you’re trying to extend your reach beyond a vegan and plant-based audience. That’s why it’s so vitally important you choose a like-minded partner that can help you succeed.

A partner like Orange Orchard, for example. Our team, which features actual vegans, specializes in plant-based and vegan public relations. Our team understands the ins and outs of marketing within this industry and how to connect with multiple audiences, including full-fledged vegans and those stubborn carnivores.

From building brand awareness to crafting messaging, we can create a marketing campaign that helps shine a spotlight on your efforts, whether it’s vegan tuna or plant-based vitamin supplements. Our team can handle it all.

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