It’s in the news everywhere. Glaciers are shrinking, droughts are increasing and it’s largely due to human activities. Whether you’re working to fundraise, educate others or take action head on, your voice matters. A public relations team that specializes in environmental nonprofit campaigns can help you propel that voice. Here’s what you need to know to start an impactful campaign.

Put yourself into the readers’ shoes, and not just the shoes of the older generations. Climate change may in fact be the No. 1 environmental cause that Gen Z is passionate about. Considering that Gen Z encompasses almost 70 million people in the United States alone, you should have a personalized message to adhere to this group. To do this, you have to understand the communication style of Generation Z. Many of them can’t remember a time without a smartphone, so sending out information packets in the mail may not be the best approach. About half of them spend about 10 hours a day plugged in, in one way or another. Consider creating multi-channel interactions with your readers. If you create personalized messaging on numerous social media platforms, you’ll gain more attention.

The saying, “show, don’t tell” couldn’t be any more accurate for this generation. The lively, passionate volunteers that you’ll want supporting your cause will be heavily influenced by social media. Digital interactions are efficient, cost effective and when done right, transparent. This type of messaging tactic works well with younger generations because they value authenticity and simplicity. Fair warning, though. This generation is accustomed to images, short clips, emojis and hashtags. If your organization can’t create intentional messaging that’s simple, aesthetically pleasing and straight forward, you may risk losing the interest of this audience. If you haven’t already entered the digital world, the time is now.

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