Beauty, fashion and wellness companies all have one common goal: to make consumers look and feel good. But with so many options to choose from, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Give your followers exactly what they want

When reflecting on your advertising strategy, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not everyone who purchases your product will be able to relate to the models you feature in your ads. Representing all natural, “everyday men and women” will create a sense of connection between your brand and the audience you’re trying to reach. Aerie’s recent marketing campaign included photos of women with disabilities modeling their clothing. In doing this, Aerie created a sense of inclusivity in the fashion world and society gravitated towards that. Find a way to express your brand in a similar way.

Your passion drives your sales

For a cruelty-free brand, it’s important that you highlight what is in your product just as much as you focus on what isn’t. Where is your product made? How is it made? Often times, society is unaware that animal cruelty happens in this industry. Moving forward with your brand, it’s important to educate consumers on why you produce what you do. Your brand is a feel good brand. When consumers use your product, they’ll feel as though they’re making a difference. And they are.

Social media

If you aren’t already taking advantage of social media, you’ll want to hop on board because this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Social media is a fantastic tool you can use to enhance your brand because it allows customization as you go. You can record “how to apply” videos on YouTube, organize petitions for animal rights, create a Pinterest board and share photos on Instagram. In the digital age, the relationships you build with consumers is largely influenced by your social media presence. Leverage this tool and success will follow.

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