As cruelty-free brands are gaining ground with today’s consumers, how will your brand differentiate itself from all the rest?

It used to be a challenge to find a cruelty-free product in the personal care or cosmetics aisle, but browse any store today, and you’ll find a plethora of brands claiming to be. Cruelty-free public relations can help your brand stand above all the competing products and come out on top.

How can your brand promote it is cruelty-free?

If your brand follows the standards of the Leaping Bunny Program or appears on the Beauty without Bunnies list, it is an added assurance to consumers that your brand seriously cares about being cruelty-free. The lists are vetted by the organizations at least once a year and sometimes more. By featuring their logos on your products where consumers can see them, you are helping to promote the cruelty-free movement and your products at the same time.

But how does cruelty-free PR help your brand? While advertising is great, and social media can get immediate likes and followers, do those avenues tell the real story of your brand? PR can boost your visibility by getting your story and your message covered by the outlets your customers trust. News stories or interviews with your brand’s CEO generate good will and brand recognition. PR pinpoints who the right audiences are and builds relationships with those audiences to establish loyalty and brand awareness you can’t get through ads.

There are many other tools a cruelty-free public relations agency like Orange Orchard can use to promote and advance your brand. Please visit us online or call us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.