For years, “cruelty free” was often thought of by mainstream audiences as a value championed primarily by progressive brands in the cosmetics and bath product spaces. Thanks in no small part to the internet and social media, the horrors of animal use, animal testing and the harvesting of animal products across countless other industries are more visible than ever, and consumers are ready to support animal-friendly companies whenever possible. Whether or not your company makes a specific product or is simply an advocate for animal welfare, investing in cruelty free public relations to share your efforts with your stakeholders can greatly enhance your brand loyalty.

To truly make an impact with your story, first make sure to carefully choose the right team to craft your strategy and deliver your message. For example, at Orange Orchard, we work with both nonprofit foundations and for-profit companies that envision better lives for all animals on this planet. We share that same passion for life that they do, and we encourage you to choose a PR agency aligned with your values as well.

How PR can help

Now that you’ve chosen a cruelty free public relations agency, it’s time to get the word out. Working together to develop an airtight communications strategy, complete with concise key messages, should be the first step. Ensuring your brand is represented in an accurate, consistent fashion is critical.

Your PR team should then be able to work closely with you to determine any prime opportunities to announce your good deeds through official statements, or press releases, and leverage those to garner earned media placement and interviews. Memorable stories in the press will help you connect with your base, add credibility to your brand and reinforce your customers’ decisions to do business with you.

If you’re treating animals well, your customers need to know. They’ll treat you well in turn. Contact Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 to begin sharing your good news today.