For nonprofit animal welfare foundations, fundraisers and volunteers make the world go around. Without those two very important tools, it would be extremely hard to be successful at your mission of helping and protecting the animals you love on a wide scale. While your mission may be just and important, it is also vital for people to be aware of its existence. With more and more foundations popping up each year, making your organization stand out is paramount to your success in attracting both donors and volunteers.

Partnering with a PR agency that focuses on animal welfare public relations can provide you with the proper tools to build brand awareness and recognition for your animal welfare foundation. Agencies, like Orange Orchard, have experience working with animal welfare organizations, so they understand your goals and mission. Here are a couple of ways public relations can help animal welfare foundations like yours.

Media Outreach

Having your foundation appear in trusted media outlets and publications helps it build credibility. Animal welfare PR specialists take your expertise and use it to pitch story ideas to journalists to garner media opportunities. From a story on animal safety to sharing your mission statement, media outreach can be a great asset in raising awareness and developing you into a thought leader on multiple animal welfare subjects. In addition, public relations specialists can also pitch podcasts to help you reach a more specialized audience.

Press Releases

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Press releases remain a very important part of public relations. A major part of media outreach, press releases serve the purpose of providing journalists with a ready-for-print document that can be used to develop story ideas or run as-is. Of course, not all press releases are the same. It’s important to partner with an agency that understands the animal welfare space and the messaging that will attract donors and volunteers while catching the eyes of reporters.

Using media outreach and press releases as key parts of your PR strategy are just two ways to give your animal welfare foundation a competitive advantage. For a full PR strategy that will increase your foundation’s awareness, partner with our experts at Orange Orchard PR. Not only do we have experience working with animal welfare organizations, but we also share the same values of making the world a kinder place for animals as a whole.

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