Plant-based companies are enjoying a business boom right now. Whether you sell plant-based foods, vegan clothing and accessories or cruelty-free cosmetics, plant-based products are in demand. The downside to that is there is a lot of competition for the same consumer.

If you are a business-savvy owner, you already know there is steep competition in the plant-based industry. And if you are smart about prioritizing your business’ visibility and reputation in a crowded market, you are partnering with a plant-based public relations agency. Why? Because a vegan-owned and passionate agency that cares about promoting plant-based businesses understands the unique challenges you face and how to reach the consumers who buy your product.

Why does working with a specialty PR firm make a difference?

  • We know the top industry influencers and already work with them. We work tirelessly to form solid relationships with the plant-based industry’s thought leaders and trade groups, making connections that will help your business build a reputation as a reliable information resource.
  • We have one-on-one personal connections with plant-based industry reporters and journalists. We know how to get your stories covered, when to pitch reporters to get an interview and what types of stories get responses.
  • We are social media experts and have successfully raised the influence of their clients’ social media channels within the plant-based marketplace and beyond.
  • We are press release experts, knowing exactly how to write a press release that gets traction. Press releases are still a great way to promote plant-based brands, but only if they’re received by the right people.

Today in the U.S. there are about 9.6 million people who identify as vegans, but there are many more who eat mostly plant-based diets or who eat a modified plant-based diet. It’s a huge market and growing every year, so if you are planning to work with an agency to help get your brand noticed, choose a vegan-owned PR agency like Orange Orchard. You can contact the experts at (865) 977-1973 to set up a meeting today.