In June, Amazon announced that it was launching a $2 billion venture capital fund, The Climate Pledge, which will be used to invest in environmental efforts around the world. Industries and initiatives supported will include clean energy, eco-friendly manufacturing, responsible agriculture and more.

With an announcement of such magnitude, it’s a great time to be in green tech.

It’s an even better time to invest in your own brand recognition and attract potential investors by partnering with a seasoned green tech public relations team.

How exactly can PR set your business and eco-friendly efforts apart in the midst of fierce competition?

Media Placement

By developing and issuing regular press releases to announce your updates, launches and company growth, the right agency can keep your name in front of your target customers and investors. An agency with experience in green technology, like Orange Orchard, will already have great media relationships established in your industry and will be more consistent with your messaging.

Thought Leadership

By writing expertly crafted bylined articles and securing speaking engagements, a green tech public relations team can develop and establish you as thought leaders in your space, generating credibility and attracting respect and interest from your ideal audiences.


A huge part of remaining top of mind is engagement. Engaging with your customers, peers and other thought leaders in the space ensures your name stays in the mix. It’s all about keeping the conversation going – and contributing to it, too!

When you partner with a public relations agency that has an in-house content team, social media and online engagement is simply part of the strategy. From entire calendars of engaging social media posts to eblasts, and from targeted ads to scripting for online videos and webinars, an all-in-one agency can roll out the tactics you need to be more engaging than your strongest competition.

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