It’s no secret that more and more customers want sustainable products from sustainable brands. Everything from soap to coffee to clothing is in the mix, and if you’re looking to get exposure for your new environmentally friendly product, there’s never been a better time to get your message out to an eager public.

Marketing and advertising can help spread the word, but public relations has the power to promote your brand through third-party validation that can add a level of credibility that marketing and advertising can’t match. That’s because nothing you say about yourself will carry as much weight as the right people (aka the outlets who your customers trust) saying it on your behalf.

Consumer trust and the power of the media

The term “media” has become a bad word in some circles, but the fact remains that credible media outlets who vet sources and have journalistic publishing standards are still greatly trusted sources for information.

Does your product do what it claims it does? Is it really sustainable? Do you uphold your business principles consistently to satisfy the moral standards your customers demand? If you’re answering an emphatic “yes!” to all of these questions, that’s great, but don’t expect new customers to take you at your word.

Instead, team up with an expert in sustainable, environmental public relations like Orange Orchard. We specialize in helping companies just like yours connect with the media outlets that your customers trust to tell stories that highlight your business, your products and the people behind the scenes making it all happen.

If you’re looking to launch a new sustainable product or are looking to get your message out to a larger customer base, we’d love to talk with you about how PR can help generate trusted awareness. Give us a call at 865-977-1973 or contact us via this form today.