The world of nonprofit organizations isn’t for the faint of heart. Fundraising is a competitive sport, and with more groups than ever supporting important causes, the stakes are only getting higher.

For animal welfare charities, it’s critical to connect deeply and authentically with potential donors. But communicating successfully about the plight of suffering animals and inspiring action takes a thoughtful, strategic approach.

The good news is that there are experienced animal welfare public relations agencies who can help. At Orange Orchard, our team of PR pros specializes in supporting nonprofit agencies that are committed to creating a kinder, cruelty-free world.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Expertise: An agency with a proven track record of promoting animal welfare issues has unique tools and perspectives. They can quickly and effectively navigate the networks and information infrastructure of the industry. They won’t be learning on the job, and they’ll have leverage that less experienced agencies don’t.
  • Connections: Public relations is an industry built on relationships. An agency that has already established professional connections throughout the animal welfare world can get more done in less time, providing results and value.
  • Credibility: Expertise and connections add up to credibility. With a trusted, proven PR partner who has demonstrated thought leadership and professionalism, media outlets, consumers and other audiences will immediately recognize and appreciate the informed, comprehensive campaign you’re able to deliver.

If you want to connect with contributors who can help you advance your cause, consider hiring an animal welfare PR agency like Orange Orchard. We share your passion for a cruelty-free world and commitment to animals. want to help you connect with the right audience. Call (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.