Healthy lifestyles and health consciousness has shifted from a broad trend to a defining lifestyle, making plant-based products see a steep rise in demand.

As health-related concerns continue to spark consumers’ interest in natural products, plant-based brands are starting to find themselves competing with other traditional and non-traditional brands in this space, making it harder to reach their target audience and drive business success.

In today’s industry, there are three main product-placement challenges that plant-based brands are facing:

Positioning with retailers 

The battle between traditional and plant-based products seems to grow every day in the food and beverage industry. After all, industries are competing for a common goal: shelf space and consumer dollars.

The solution? Developing and accurately promoting a product that retailers and consumers trust and understand and pushes consumer demand.

Relevance in the marketplace

Disruptive innovation is hardly viable unless your brand’s efforts are top-of-mind with the buying public. This task, however, is extremely challenging if you don’t fully understand (or, even worse, are not advertising) your product’s competitive advantage.

In order to win the competition for product placement, you have to ask yourself, what makes your brand better for both distributors and consumers?

Understand the competition

With vegetarian-based diets on the rise (studies indicate that veganism has grown 500% since 2014), the growth of plant-based products is proportional. In other words, using traditional channels to promote an innovative, animal-cruelty free product might not be enough when the competition is as strong as ever.

So, how can you find solutions to these three challenges and succeed among distributors and consumers?

Enter plant-based public relations.

A plant-based public relations firm specializes in helping companies build a solid reputation in the industry, performs market research and thoroughly analyzes the results to help businesses understand what retailers and consumers value most. Plant-based public relations can provide a comprehensive overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, while helping you develop a strategy that’s just right for your brand.

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