Adopting green initiatives

Adopting a sustainability strategy for your organization does more than just lower production costs. When you reduce your carbon footprint, you enhance your brand reputation. Millennials and Gen Z’s have expressed an admiration for companies that care about the impact they have on the environment and when given a choice of products, these consumers tend to sway toward these same companies. Think of it as a recruitment method. A sustainability strategy will drive better employees and returning customers. How’s that for a return on investment?

Regardless of the size of your business, small changes can make a significant impact. Minor tweaks in the daily structure of how you run your business can include sending out presentations digitally rather than printing hard copies, handing out reusable coffee mugs to employees and giving incentives to those who carpool or bike to work. Define your goals and objectives, choose the best approach and gather volunteers for a committee.

Once you adopt your green initiative, you’ll want to brag about it! Consumers like to know that the companies and brands they support are doing good things with their profits, like changing the world. Be sure to advertise accurately and stay true to your brands mission throughout. Going green is more than just a concept, it needs to be a part of your brand’s identity. Think about how your mission statement flows into your commitment to the environment and ensure that every employee has the same understanding as to why you’re going green. What you say you do should align with what you actually do.

Leverage social media during this process to get consumer opinions, develop relationships with the local community and partner with other organizations that hold similar values. The more brand exposure you can get, the more sales you’ll close, so don’t be afraid to get out there; reusable coffee cup and all.

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