With more and more plant-based brands entering the market, is your company left wondering how to make your product launch go viral? The answer is simple: you need a solid public relations campaign.

An expert team that’s skilled in plant-based public relations can help set your company apart from the competition and generate the attention your vegan product deserves.

Orange Orchard, a vegan and plant-based public relations agency, can develop a detailed product launch strategy that will ensure your new product has what it takes to earn its place in the ever-growing vegan market. Our strategies involve:

  • Getting the word out: Before your vegan product even hits shelves, our team will work to establish a need around your product by releasing market research or other relevant information that garners initial attention from the media.
  • Creating content: Once there’s a buzz surrounding your vegan product, we’ll help create meaningful and consistent content like blogs, social media posts and email blasts that elaborate on why the public needs your product. This will work to establish your company’s credibility while also building your brand’s online presence.
  • Launching the product: When it’s time to launch, we’ll ensure your product stays in the spotlight by crafting press releases and other materials that will help your product gain media coverage and increase your visibility.

If your company is ready to take your vegan product launch to the next level, then contact Orange Orchard today at 865-977-1973 and let our plant-based PR experts assist in developing the perfect launch strategy for your brand.