Nonprofit foundations differ from their for-profit counterparts in some significant ways. Nonprofits are exempt from local, state and federal taxes, for one thing, and their mission is required to promote some kind of civic, educational, humanitarian or scientific benefit to the general public.

But one thing both nonprofit and for-profit groups share is that people have to know who they are and what they’re doing in order to support them. That’s why nonprofit public relations can be the difference between a successful charitable or advocacy effort and one that falls short of its outreach goals.

Cutting through the noise

We’re all bombarded by information these days. Innovation and great service are rarely enough to cut through the noise and make meaningful connection with today’s harried multitasking media consumer. It takes something extra to make someone stop scrolling or swiping long enough to really notice what you’re doing.

And getting noticed is essential, even for nonprofit foundations. It takes money and help for nonprofits to fulfill their missions. Attention drives awareness, which in turn inspires recognition and loyalty, and that’s what promotes volunteer participation and generates donations.

How PR can help

Foundations, however, aren’t always best suited for telling their own stories. Nonprofit professionals are skilled in fundraising, management and navigating the layers of regulation that govern their operations. But they’re not necessarily experienced with crafting and relaying the importance of what their organization does.

The best option is to consult a professional agency with nonprofit public relations experience. A top agency like Orange Orchard can identify the right steps for your foundation — whether that’s social media management, outreach to specialized media or regular high-quality web content — and then execute the plan that will get the most out of our limited budget.

If your nonprofit foundation is doing work that deserves wider recognition, don’t wait for the rest of the world to figure it out – contact Orange Orchard online or call (865) 977-1973.