Last year was a record year for sustainable protein alternatives with international retail sales of plant-based meat reaching $4.2 billion, according to the Good Food Institute. In this quickly growing market, it’s vital for plant-based brands to invest in an expert public relations team in the event of a crisis.

These crises can come in many forms but, in the plant-based alternative meat market, it’s often related to a tainted supply chain that results in a large-scale product recall. Or, take Burger King, for example, who recently launched a plant-based burger that was not entirely vegan — the company’s plant-based Rebel Whopper was not only cooked on the same surface as its original Whopper, but it was also topped with mayonnaise.

At Orange Orchard, a vegan and plant-based public relations agency, we know how important it is to work toward the best while always preparing for the worst. We can help create a crisis communication plan tailored to your brand so that your company is both protected and prepared long before a potential PR emergency occurs.

Before, during and after

It’s critical that a crisis management plan addresses all stages of a crisis – before, during and after.

An airtight plan will help your team first learn to spot potential crises coming and know how to quickly escalate them through the proper channels. Deciding on and authorizing specific trained spokespersons will help control your message and limit the number of people speaking with the media. Having a team experienced in plant-based public relations in your corner will ensure your crisis plan is complete, as they will more deeply connect with and understand your message, bookending any potential crises with plenty of positive press and media placements.

Don’t let your company experience a major setback because of a supply chain crisis. Orange Orchard can ensure that you have a plan in place no matter what public relations emergencies come your way. Contact us at 865-977-1973 or online at to start planning your crisis mitigation strategy today.