Today, there has been an explosion in vegan consumerism, with more than 9.6 million Americans identifying as vegan, according to a recent study by Ipsos Retail Performance. That’s a 300-percent increase since 2004.

Along with the increase in vegan consumers, there’s a corresponding increase in vegan brands, and even non-vegan brands, that are offering plant-based food and consumer goods options. If your brand is considering entering this booming vegan market, how will your products stand out? Hiring a vegan public relations firm like Orange Orchard could give your brand the visibility it needs with plant-based and vegan consumers.

How can vegan PR help?

A specialty vegan PR firm with experienced and professional staff has an advantage over other PR agencies. Only a public relations firm with solid influence in the vegan market can get you the attention you need. Consumers are demanding more vegan and plant-based products, and because Orange Orchard already has relationships with vegan media, reporters and industry leaders, we can get your product before the right people.

Image is everything

When it comes to vegan products, consumers expect quality and transparency. Because of this, your brand’s image is everything. Vegan PR manages your brand’s image, making sure its reputation is top-notch. And, if there is a social media or news item that reflects badly on your brand, your PR firm will defuse and mitigate any issue immediately, reducing potential negative impressions.

Your social responsibility matters

Vegan consumers care about the earth, and are likely drawn to a brand that practices social responsibility. If your brand doesn’t test on animals, donates to an animal charity or uses sustainable packaging, a vegan PR firm like Orange Orchard can position your brand as a company who cares. We are experts in obtaining earned-media opportunities for interviews, speaking engagements, appearances on TV shows and more. News stories are more believable than advertisements, and PR helps you tell your story.
Getting your vegan brand the attention and name recognition it needs to thrive in the crowded vegan and plant-based marketplace is what Orange Orchard does best. If you want your brand to stand out, visit Orange Orchard online or call us at 865-977-1973.