As a franchisor, you’ve no doubt spent a lot of time perfecting your advertising and marketing budget to attract customers to your vegan franchise.

While you have your consumer advertising down pat, you may still not know the best way to attract more franchisees.

That’s where an effective vegan franchise public relations strategy can help.

Raising Awareness

A well-planned marketing budget might bring in the customers, but it takes more than that to entice would-be entrepreneurs. You’ll need to raise awareness of your brand, build your credibility and become known as the thought leader in your franchising market.

PR is all about telling your company’s story and building relationships with members of the media to get your story out.

A marketing budget is great, but it takes more than advertising to build credibility. Solidifying your sincerity requires that you develop a PR program to help you identify your target press outlets. And, once you do, you’ll also need to build a long-term relationship with those outlets.

The best PR agencies help you raise awareness about your company by centering you and your plant-based company’s leadership as the experts in your industry. Setting up speaking engagements, writing blog posts and issuing press releases are all ways to increase your brand recognition and appeal.

Develop Quality Content

Another advantage to a plant-based PR strategy is that you develop content that is useful to potential franchisees. Writing blogs about the benefits of franchising or issuing a press release offering tips that franchisees can use are two ways that content can boost your credibility.

A PR agency can also help you write bylined articles and get them placed in trade magazines to get your name in front of entrepreneurs who are interested in buying into a franchise.

Promote Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Potential franchisees also like to join a franchisor that gives back to the community. They want to feel that their investment is also going to help those in need.

An effective PR strategy helps your franchise generate positive sentiment by highlighting your generous donations and volunteer work. Or, a PR agency can help you set up your own non-profit organization that helps a segment of society that you feel isn’t receiving enough assistance and attention.

The professionals at Orange Orchard want to help you change the world. We understand your commitment to plant-based products and a kinder community. We will take our experience in the art of public relations and help you promote your vegan franchise as if the planet depends on it – because we know it does.

If you’re ready to attract like-minded entrepreneurs to your plant-based franchise, call Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to get started on an effective PR plan.