In the decade ahead, demand for green construction services is expected to explode. With increased demand will come increased competition, so successful contractors should start working on boosting their brand reputation now.

Valued at about $265 billion in 2019, the green construction market is expected to grow to $610.6 billion by 2026, according to Emergen Research. This emphasizes the importance of proactively laying the foundation for future success with green construction public relations.

One component of a great public relations strategy is content marketing. By developing and consistently publishing informative blogs, bylined articles, case studies and white papers, companies can build up their reputations as experts in the market. Not only that, but the content can be used to promote themselves on social media and to climb higher in search engine rankings.

Instead of trying to develop the in-house talent and capability to devote to producing this content, it can make more sense to partner with an experienced green construction public relations agency like Orange Orchard. Our experts have years of experience representing the construction industry and can tailor content to appeal to the decision-makers that companies like yours need to reach.

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