Animal advocates like Jane Goodall are an inspiration to us all. Not only does she work to protect chimpanzees, she motivates many others to follow in her footsteps to protect the environment we share with wild animals. To become an environmental leader means countless hours of research, advocacy and education to create sustainable livelihoods for animals. You’ve worked hard to piece together every aspect of your nonprofit organization and it’s about time your mission is heard. An animal-welfare public relations team can build your brand to have credibility and recognition like the Jane Goodall Institute. We are passionate about your purpose and we want others to know about it.

A great way to give your organization the push it needs is to apply for awards. There are countless opportunities to do so through your local chamber of commerce and cause-related associations, but it doesn’t stop there. When you win an award, you gain publicity and depending on the nature of the award, you could be recognized locally, nationally and even globally. Winning an award sets you apart from other organizations with a similar mission because it gives a sense of credibility. For donors, it ensures that they’re giving their money to the right organization. For volunteers, it’s a reminder that they’re spending their time wisely.

When you win an award, you get access to opportunities to speak at events and advertise yourself online as one of the best at what you do. Your organization is instantly recognized as the “go-to” organization when people think of animal conservationists. Much like grant writing though, the application process takes time. A public relations team can research local awards and events, prepare content prior to submission and write speeches for your organization to give once you win. All with the promise that your messaging is award ready, so that you can focus on what matters most: the animals.

Orange Orchard is dedicated to promoting your nonprofit to the right audiences with intentional messaging to reach your clients. For more information about how a public relations team can help your organization, please email me at hripley(at)orangeorchardpr(dot)com.