Since one of the main goals of any animal welfare organization is to raise awareness by telling the stories of voiceless and endangered animals, animal welfare public relations is a natural and compelling tool that can be used to help animals who may be threatened or endangered all over the world.

While public relations is commonly associated with businesses or celebrities, the use of PR to raise awareness about the plight of puppy-milled dogs to elephants and tigers kept in captivity can be an effective strategy.

The point of PR is to tell a story and captivate a targeted audience’s attention to achieve your goal. In business, this is usually focused on targeting potential customers, franchisees or acquisition firms. But in animal welfare PR, the goal is to draw attention to the animal to raise money for their care or rescue.

Making it newsworthy

One of the ways in which PR experts help their clients is by keeping up with the news. If your company sells a product or has a service that might solve an issue that is in the current news cycle, that PR professional will seize on the news cycle to generate attention to their client’s solution. The approach is no different even if your “client” is a potential donor.

A public relations guru must know how to pique a reporter’s interest which means it’s important your animal’s story is timely, original, important and has a compelling focus. If you’re putting on a fundraising event or gala to raise money for your animal’s needs, time your story to come out in time for donors to order tickets. But you’ll still need a compelling story to tie into the event.

Another way to make your event newsworthy is through originality. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach to reaching your fundraising goal or grab attention for an animal’s plight.

How PR can help tell your story

While you may have a compelling story with a unique approach, it can still be difficult to gain traction. You don’t know very many reporters and you don’t know what reporters cover your specific interests.

This is where a public relations professional can help. PR experts know the right media types, the right reporters to contact and the right time to strike.

At Orange Orchard, our PR team includes experienced writers, media outreach experts and compassionate professionals who share your goals and will work to ensure your story is told – and told to the right people at the right time.

Through a combination of press releases, blogs, social media posts and interviews, our team will get your cause the focus it needs to drive in more interest and more donations.

If you’re ready to get the word out about your cause, give Orange Orchard a call at (865) 977-1973 to see how we can tell and sell your story to promote awareness and your animal and its needs. We will make your advocacy message.