Since we are part of the problem, we are working to be part of the solution.

That line is at the end of a recent Burger King video that discusses the burger chain’s new campaign to reduce methane emissions and have a positive impact on the climate . Essentially, they’ll be changing their cows’ diets — adding lemongrass to their food — to cut down on emissions that come directly from the cow. You can figure that part out.

They referenced a study from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) that states 14.5% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock. Apparently, beef production accounts for 41% of those emissions.

Burger King is home of the Whopper. It’s an iconic burger that millions eat every year, which can add up to a lot of cows and their resulting emissions.

When BK’s new campaign broke, a lot of folks said it wasn’t enough. Leave the cows alone! Cut out meat! Offer a plant-based menu! Despite BK’s best intentions, the campaign wasn’t well received by everyone.

I get it. When you see the damage animal agriculture is wreaking on our planet, small changes can seem underwhelming. Is it enough? Why aren’t they doing more?

The thing is, we all have to start somewhere. We all have changes we can make in our personal lives, and companies like Burger King have steps they can take to be more environmentally conscious. This is a great first step, and we applaud them for it. By the way, this isn’t the first time BK has taken steps to offer more environmentally and animal-friendly options. In 2019, they introduced the Impossible Whopper. (It’s pretty tasty, FYI.)

As a plant-based and vegan public relations agency, we work with companies and organizations that are making amazing efforts to improve our planet. A better world is possible if we work together. You, me, Burger King and anyone else that wants to take that first step. Contact Orange Orchard or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 and let us you change the world.