Public Relations can help you create a demand for your plant-based consumer product

Six percent of Americans now identify as vegan – up 600 percent since 2014 when only one percent of Americans described themselves as vegan. The $2.2 billion vegan food industry is skyrocketing with forecasters saying the alternative meat market will hit $5.2 billion by 2020, and the plant-based milk sector is set to hit $16 billion by 2018.

This key consumer trend is driving demand for meat-free and plant-based products. And you want to make sure you’re part of this booming industry.

How do you get your product in front of people who identify as vegan? Your ideal customer is probably that person blocking the grocery aisle while they scrutinize every food label, or fiddles with their phone to do a quick Google search, asking “Is x product Vegan?” They also don’t think twice before phoning a restaurant to check whether they have vegan food, or phoning a food manufacturing company to make sure a product’s ingredients are certified vegan.

Here are a few ways how vegan public relations can help you reach this educated audience to help you sell more product and grow your business:

Great content

Education is a big part of this consumer trend. You need great content out there to satisfy this need of your vegan audience so they know your product is, in fact, plant-based.

Search Engine Optimization

Your content needs to be optimized for SEO, as you only have a few seconds during those mid-grocery-aisle Google searches to appear at the top of search results. Having a team of public relations professionals on your side to help create relevant content for the appropriate communication channels is key.

Boost retail listings through end-consumers requesting your products

Media relations plays a big part in creating awareness of your vegan products. The more your audience reads and hears about your products from authoritative media outlets in the industry, the more likely they will be to look out for your products on-shelf, or ask for them if they are not listed with their local grocery store. We know they don’t ponder asking whether a product is vegan or whether a restaurant has vegan food, so why would they delay asking their grocery store to add your product to their shelves?

To find out more about how vegan public relations can help you drive demand for your product, contact the avid vegan public relations experts at Orange Orchard.