Creating and managing a nonprofit is far from effortless. Many nonprofits struggle with retaining donors, developing a strong strategy, and building new avenues for social change. One thing that they don’t struggle with is passion, and with that, anything is possible.


It can be challenging to clearly articulate an organization’s mission in a way that will encourage others to support them, but it’s a crucial part to securing volunteers and donors. The No. 1 way to build partnerships is by conveying the message in a way that directly connects back to the prospective volunteer or donor. Remember, it’s not always what you say, but how you say it that really drives people to want to get involved. Transparency is the first step to partnership.

Develop a strategy

Okay, so you’ve got your messaging down– now what? You’ve secured your volunteers and donors but you’ll need a strategy to keep them engaged. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer/donor spotlights

Everyone loves a little recognition every now and then. Be sure to highlight the people who help make your organization great! A simple and fun way to do this is by doing a volunteer or donor spotlight. Every week, share on social media a photo and bio of someone who your organization couldn’t do without.

  • Monthly email campaign 

Share the progress your organization has made in the past month by sending out a brief touch base email. Keep it short and sweet; highlight the activities the organization has been a part of or share a success story.

  • Quarterly events

The people who give their time (and money) to your organization are important– make them feel like it! Planning quarterly get-togethers for volunteers to interact with one another and share stories is a great way to keep them engaged. Another way to thank donors and consistent volunteers is by hosting an annual appreciation gala.

Promote your brand

Capturing the attention of potential donors or volunteers is worth investing in. Promotion can be in the form of email nurture campaigns, events, or social media. Email campaigns can include links to a special e-book, podcast or blog. This same content can be used in your social media strategy as well. Make it personal. Take the time (or hire someone) to analyze your target audience and construct personalized emails and social media posts.

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