Green construction is having its moment as big cities are starting to band together to lower their impact on the environment.

New York, California, and Massachusetts have all committed to the fight against climate change and Chicago has earned a top-level LEED certification as home of the most-green buildings in the country. As a result, green construction is no longer niche. It’s a requirement for buildings in many big cities to be green and energy efficient.

This means your client pool is growing and that’s great news for business but it also means your competition is growing.

How can you stand out and secure projects? That’s where hiring a green construction public relations agency is beneficial. We can help you craft a marketing message that will grow your client base.

What are the Benefits of Public Relations?

  • Top-of-the-mind awareness: We know you are doing amazing things but how do your accomplishments reach your audience and build credibility? One of the main goals of a PR agency, like Orange Orchard, is to garner media opportunities in publications that reach your audience so that they are already familiar with you when the time comes to choose a company.
  • Industry expert: Maybe you are doing something completely innovative but painting the picture of your work in writing is not your expertise. We have a team of content writers ready to tell your story. From blog posts to profile pieces, we have a way with words to your business in the best light.
  • Social strategy: Social platforms are an excellent way to gain exposure and keep your current clients engaged. Here at Orange Orchard, we know a thing or two about a good social strategy. We can boost your reach on social platforms and keep your content interesting.

Let’s do this Together

We are passionate about saving the planet and we think your company plays a big role in that. We want to help you share your message and get the media attention you deserve. Contact Orange Orchard today, and let us get started.