As the world adjusts to post-COVID reality, many industries find themselves facing simultaneous challenges and opportunities. For travel and tourism, the end of lockdowns and travel restrictions means a resurgence of business – and also a unique chance for the industry to reinvent itself.

Changing consumer habits and the emergence of Generation Z in the coming years are expected to drive interest in experiences that minimize the environmental impact of travel while increasing the positive impact on destination communities. That’s great for the people and places that benefit from ecotourism. But it also means the sector will grow increasingly competitive for business owners in the sector.

Ecotourism public relations is one significant way travel entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Partnering with a specialized PR agency like Orange Orchard can help businesses build brand identity and awareness and share their brand’s journey with customers.

Here’s what to look for when considering an ecotourism PR partner:

  • Experience: Watch out for agencies jumping into the ecotourism space to take advantage of its growth. Expect your agency to have a proven track record working with successful ecotourism partners.
  • Passion: Ecotourism is built on relationships with customers who are looking for meaningful experience. A good ecotourism public relations firm is made up of people who are as committed to your mission as you are.
  • Results: A proven, committed agency will deliver the results you’re looking for. One way to measure whether you’re getting experience and passion from your agency is to look at what you and your customers are getting out of the relationship.

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