From coast to coast, more and more people are shifting to plant-based diets; with the focus being on organic, earth-friendly foods. Restaurants all over the country are taking notice and adding an array of vegetarian and vegan options to their menus. But it doesn’t stop there. Grocery stores are adding plant-based products to their aisles to keep up with the high demand. So, what does this mean for the manufacturers of these products? Inevitably, production will increase. But with that, so will the competition.

How do you distinguish yourself?

The vegan industry is thriving and consumers are loving it. But what is it that attracts individuals to favor one brand over another? Two of the strongest ways to capture an eco-conscious audience is to publish press releases on the values that define your company and to leverage social media. Consumers are becoming more intentional with the brands they choose and platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are used to share photos and provide feedback on those brands.    

When it comes to vegan meat alternatives, the best way to differentiate yourself from another brand is to make good use of the opportunities that media, especially social, gives you. It’s important to understand that the concept of promotion isn’t just in the form of a product anymore. Often, consumers want to know your ‘why’. Why do you do what you do? What drives you to be eco-friendly throughout the production process? Why do you use the ingredients that you do?

Earth-friendly public relations can help highlight the noble intentions of your brand, making your product a clear choice for consumers. Think about companies like Nestlé and Lipton. The products are great on their own, but their ‘why’ is what will push an everyday consumer to purchase their product over one with an identical taste for a similar price. The same is true for plant-based companies, no matter how well known.

The secret to success is to have a strong PR strategy. Consumers are more likely to purchase a specific vegan deli slice package or meatless meatballs if they’re exposed to your brand name and culture before heading to the local market. The more recognition your company can get in the form of media, the more inclined they will be to grab your product off the shelves.

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