As more and more people are shifting to a plant-based lifestyle, the demand for dairy-free, vegan certified frozen desserts is a perfect niche market opportunity for traditional ice cream distributors. Big brands have listened to consumers and the innovation of dairy-free options are jumping into the market faster than ever before. Ben & Jerry’s currently has seven flavors of dairy-free ice cream on supermarket shelves. Haagen Daaz, Breyers and other brands also offer a flavored assortment of almond milk based, dairy-free ice cream in the frozen aisle.

Silk is one of the pioneers of non-dairy milk. The company started in 1978 with soymilk sold in the produce area, where temperatures were not ideal. But before long, the product migrated over to the refrigerated case right next to dairy milk. There are several early adopters who have provided vegan alternatives for whipped topping, coffee creamer, yogurt, coconut milk, and soymilk for years.

The vegan movement has shown explosive growth and public relations is playing a huge role on how companies are bringing product to market. The demand for non-dairy, plant-based milk market is set to reach $21.6 billion worldwide by 2022. Effective public relations can create highly shareable content for your digital marketing platforms.

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