If your plant-based brand hasn’t tried blogging, you could be missing out on adding SEO power to your online presence. Blogging sounds like extra work that your vegan or plant-based business just doesn’t have time for, but what if we told you blogging was one of the best ways to get more visitors to your website and more people to buy your plant-based product? What would you say then?

Well, we can’t guarantee you’ll get more website traffic or more sales, but we can say that we have helped many plant-based businesses do just that by leveraging professionally written and promoted blogs. Orange Orchard, an experienced plant-based public relations agency, works with professional blog writers who have the knowledge and SEO know-how to help improve your online status.

How will blogging help your SEO?

  • Blogging done by professionals will boost your online ranking. Carefully crafted plant-based blogs using SEO techniques direct more traffic to your website, and Google rates informative and relevant blogs higher than poorly written ones.
  • Blogs act as new content on your website, making search engine algorithms rank them higher than static websites with old or outdated content. Google rewards websites with newer content by giving those websites better visibility.
  • Blogs help keep visitors to your website engaged by offering good information about plant-based products. Google and other search engines favor blogs or other content that answers typical user questions. So a blog that provides up-to-date and relevant information will provide your website with an SEO boost.

Blogging helps plant-based businesses reach more like-minded consumers by posting content that uses SEO to attract them. Used the right way, and by professionals like Orange Orchard’s skilled blogging experts, SEO will make your plant-based business more visible to people searching for a business like yours. Call Orange Orchard at 865.977.1973 or visit our website here for more information.