Effecting change isn’t easy, and a lot of times big, sweeping changes don’t come from one singular act or event. Instead, it takes a concerted effort to spread messages and change minds more gradually.

If your non-profit has a mission aimed at improving the environment or at least minimizing the damage to it, it is important to make sure your campaign follows these three steps prior to kickoff to ensure it’s successful.

  1. Get buy-in from stakeholders – A stakeholder isn’t just the board of directors or home office team. It also includes community partners, volunteers, donors and other people who are close to you and your cause. You want as many advocates as possible in order to ensure the success of your campaign.
  2. Plan, plan, plan – Frequently, non-profits and businesses get so wrapped up in preparing for the launch that they don’t build out a full-fledged long-term strategy. In your environment friendly non-profit, set your organization up for success by planning your PR strategy throughout the entire duration of the campaign. Sure, things won’t go according to plan, but having a calendar of announcements, events and story ideas to pitch the media will help make sure your name stays in the news beyond launch date.
  3. Partner with businesses aligned with your mission – Having a mission is important, but going it alone can be difficult. Finding businesses who are aligned with your mission, either by working in the space you are passionate about or by being good advocates, can help your message go further. Having business partners can help you network their communication channels and connections to increase your message’s reach. Whether through a paid social media ad buy, leveraging the company’s PR team or by attaching itself to your organization in a co-branded press release, this can amplify your message.

If there’s a fourth step, it would be to contact Orange Orchard. Our public relations expertise with companies and organizations focused on environmental issues and sustainability can help ensure your campaign not only gets off the ground, but sustains success.

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