Blogging on your brand’s website is one of the most effective ways to provide your audience useful and relevant content. Long-term success and growth in sales can benefit from professionally written blogs.   A digital marketing strategy managed by a vegan public relations partner will drive traffic to your plant-based brand site and attract more customers.


Orange Orchard PR, with decades of professional experience in plant-based public relations, provides three ways your company’s blog can be more effective in gaining traffic and increase awareness for your brand.



A blog needs to provide valuable information in a method that is direct, distinct, and easy to read. It should be focused on your field of expertise that will cater to your target audience. Using key words specific to your industry is valuable to the reader to provide validation of content and your brand. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) allows customers to find your website via search engines and social media posts.



Writing and posting blogs regularly will keep content fresh on the website. Posting regularly will assist in retaining your current customers and attract new eyes. Posting more often also helps SEO traffic to your website versus those that do not post frequently. Additionally, generating topics ahead of time and creating a blog calendar will benefit in scheduling and time management. Staying on top of trends in your industry does require flexibility in scheduling and shifting of blogs based on current news that would be valuable for immediate posting.



Placing blog content on your website for your intended audience that is search engine optimized helps drive traffic to your website through search engines, such as google. However, a full digital marketing plan will gain more attention to your blogs, and thus elevate your brand. Understanding which social media channels to utilize for blog linking can be overwhelming. Proper post verbiage and channel placement will increase exposure. Also, successful blogging can take advantage of highly visible ad campaigns and third-party content placement within a well-rounded digital marketing plan.


Orange Orchard can help develop a digital marketing plan with professionally crafted blogs.  To find out if our expert plant-based PR team is right for you, contact us today by calling (865) 977-1973.