Ecotourism has seen a rapid growth in recent years. In fact, released the results of a survey in 2019 that showed 73% of worldwide travelers believed people should travel sustainably. Ethical or responsible travel is something travelers around the globe feel is important, and while COVID-19 has hurt many ecotourism businesses, travel websites predict a return to normalcy post-coronavirus.

Now is a good time to evaluate your ecotourism business’ future, and hiring the right ecotourism public relations agency will help your business grab the attention of earth-conscious travelers. Orange Orchard specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly businesses, and we can help you prosper during and after COVID-19. Here are five reasons you need a specialty PR agency for your ecotourism business:

PR will help you reach your target audience

While more travelers are jumping on the sustainable travel bandwagon, these green consumers are particular, and they can be very picky about who gets their business. Knowing the audience and how to reach them is a reason why you need a specialty PR agency.

PR positions your business as an expert

Because the ecotourism traveler has lots of options, they pay attention to businesses that are more visible and appear trustworthy. PR can work with your business to develop your reputation in the industry, and help you build trust and reliability within your niche market.

PR differentiates your business from the others

Your eco-business is different from the rest, and that’s where PR steps in. PR pinpoints your unique selling proposition and delivers the message to the right people at the right time on the right platforms. An ecotourism PR agency knows the industry insiders and works with them on a regular basis

PR has media connections that matter

A specialty ecotourism PR agency knows the important media and industry reporters. Through our connections, we’ll help get your story in the news. People don’t trust advertising, and getting your story in trade publications or news outlets is what PR excels at.

PR creates buzz about your brand

A good agency will find the special qualities and essence of your brand and develop a following through targeted social media methods. PR can take your social media to a higher level, making it part of a comprehensive PR plan.

We are experienced in helping businesses survive and thrive during and after a crisis. If you want to learn more about ecotourism PR and how Orange Orchard can make a difference, call us at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website here.