Animal crackers have long been a staple of childhood snacks. Shirley Temple even sang a song called “Animal Crackers in My Soup” in the 1935 film, “Curly Top.” One of the most famous brand of animal crackers is Nabisco’s Barnum Animal Crackers. For 115 years, the box has featured animals — lions, polar bears and more — and their babies in cages, much to the chagrin of animal lovers everywhere.

In August 2018, the company announced it was redesigning the packaging, letting the exotic animals roam free. It might seem a small thing or even silly to change something that has been a staple of Americana for more than a century, but it shows how society is evolving. Whether it’s the closing of a circus — Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed in 2017 after nearly 150 years in operation — or the increasingly popular trend in plant-based and vegetarian meat options, the world is changing.

At Orange Orchard, we love animals and work with organizations that champion the rights of the creatures that roam this planet. Animal welfare public relations is something we feel strong about, but more importantly, it’s something we’re trained to do.

While cartoon animals may have earned their freedom, their real-life counterparts are still under attack from life-threatening dangers like trophy hunters or the trapping and fur trade. And, while some circuses have closed down, animals are still being used across the country as entertainment for paying audiences in theme parks and other attractions.

Too often animals are used and abused, whether as food or for entertainment. Animals don’t have voices, but there are organizations willing to speak up on their behalf. We can amplify your efforts and help spread your message.

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