Today, businesses are expected to practice corporate social responsibility, and if your brand doesn’t, you need to start. Many brands already engage in responsible or ethical activities like helping animal welfare organizations or donating their time and money to pro-animal groups. And while doing good to feel good is great, why not let your employees, support staff, vendors, service providers, customers and the community at large see how your business is contributing to the greater good?

Some businesses do not like to pat their own back when it comes to charitable giving or donating time and effort to help animal-friendly nonprofits, but rather than look at it as self-promotion, we see it as letting the world know you care. Better yet, engage an animal welfare public relations firm to take charge and assist you in promoting your participation in animal causes. They will present your company as compassionate and kind, not merely in it for the publicity.

If you aren’t letting the world know about your animal welfare efforts, here are some tips you can try:

  • Add a causes page to your website so all your company followers can check on your animal welfare activities. This is also important because customers and potential employees research a company’s website to see if the corporate culture aligns with their personal beliefs.
  • Post in real time on social media when your staff participates in a charitable event to benefit an animal welfare nonprofit. Whether it is a fundraising sports event or a car wash to raise money or a fancy charity gala, pictures of your employees participating gets attention and shares, boosting your social media presence.
  • Build your image with your community by donating products or services to worthy animal welfare causes. If a local shelter needs a new fence, rather than just donate money for the fence, offer to not only provide the fence materials, but provide the muscle to construct it using employee volunteers. The local news stations often gravitate toward feel-good stories, and they also share on their social media, giving your company name instant awareness.

Orange Orchard believes in being responsible stewards of our planet and wants to help considerate brands prosper. If you are thinking about hiring a PR partner to advocate for your ethical, responsible brand, give us a call at (865) 977-1973.