There are noble goals in the world of green tech. From conserving water to reducing the strain on our infrastructure, and from harnessing renewable resources to reducing the permanent mark we leave on the environment, sustainable innovations are helping individuals and corporations everywhere protect the world we share. However, as with cause worth pursuing, a lot can go awry that can tarnish your green image. When – not if – a crisis arises for your company, it can leave a lasting blemish on your brand, damage your credibility and feed the fires of those uninterested in sustainability. Thankfully, partnering with a team with experience developing green tech public relations strategies and crisis plans can help.

Without a Crisis Plan…What Happens?

  1. Accusations of Greenwashing: Not all awards and rankings are created equal, but an experienced PR team can identify the most credible awards and develop compelling submissions for your brand. From acquiring badges to share on your website and socials to having a reason to put out a press release, winning awards can be a huge boon for your brand.
  2. Challenges Getting Media Coverage: Your spokesperson needs to be visible and trusted, and the right pitches can land opportunities to pen bylined articles on industry trends, guest appearances on popular podcasts and interviews with trusted trade outlets.
  3. Issues Securing Funding: The press release isn’t dead! Press releases are incredibly valuable for sharing your news, and they position you as a credible source to journalists. Press releases can announce awards, funding rounds, product updates, key new hires and more.

Partnering with an agency that specializes in green tech public relations can help you navigate potential crises and get on to sharing your good news faster. To learn more about Orange Orchard, please contact us at (865) 977-1973.