Burger King’s Impossible Whopper has lived up to its name, becoming a “whopper” of a success in an arena where plant-based foods have never quite gained traction.

Writing for The Takeout, Kevin Pang called the national launch a gamechanger for the fast food industry’s attempts to break into the mainstream with plant-based food offerings, writing that “This may be the moment that fast food’s holy grail is finally within grasp.”

Although the Impossible Whopper is a triumph of plant-based product marketing, there are other recent announcements that may have an even bigger effect on the market for meat alternatives.

Reaching the Big Time

The publicity surrounding the Impossible Whopper might overshadow the importance of deals that Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have inked with bigtime food service providers Sodexo and Aramark, respectively. Writing in Vox, Kelsey Piper points out these are the kind of B2B relationships that have the potential to be truly transformative:

The producers of plant-based meat hope they can combat the health, sustainability, and animal-cruelty problems in our current food system by replacing lots of factory-farmed meat with plant-based meat products that taste just as good. Winning over restaurants is one part of that picture. But lots of our food is produced not for restaurants, but for catering, office cafés, and events — that is, for the markets that Sodexo and Aramark are key players in. If plant-based meat is to be the triumph its proponents hope for, it has to win contracts like these…

B2C success can ultimately be dictated by B2B relationships by getting your vegan product into the hands of under-the-radar companies that have a truly national or worldwide reach. Orange Orchard, an experienced plant-based public relations agency, can develop and implement strategies to reach the right audience for your products.

Get Help

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