Earlier this year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced the $14 billion “Green New Deal” to reduce global warming in the Big Apple. A primary focus of this plan is reducing the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the city – large existing buildings, especially all-glass ones. Additionally, the plan calls for a ban on the future production of such inefficient structures.

With news like this becoming more common as more decision makers own up to our environmental realities, owners of green construction companies have a lot to look forward to.

As the demands for eco-friendly retrofits on existing buildings and for new construction projects to be environmentally forward-thinking increase, how will your company stand out from others looking to maximize on this trend?

An agency, like Orange Orchard, that not only specializes in green construction public relations but offers a full-service content team might be the answer you need.

“LEED” the way with great content

While there may not be a full replacement for timely media coverage, thoughtful and well-written content designed to maximize your visibility can take your public relations package to the next level, and partnering with an agency boasting extensive experience in both the construction and environmental spaces is the first step.

Some examples of content that can help your green construction company are:

A steady stream of blogs covering timely topics – Blogs serve three purposes: 1) Provide educational, thoughtful material for decision makers, 2) Clearly position you as the subject matter expert you are, and 3) Drive more visitors – and potential customers – to your site by enhancing your position in search engine results.

Detailed, compelling case studies – There’s no better proof than a testimonial in any industry, and the green construction space is no different. An experienced content team can craft case studies highlighting the quality of the work, and their accounts team counterparts can put them to use as they reach out to the media and your target audiences.

Social media and reputation management – Social media management involves more than a few posts on Facebook. From developing full calendars of cross-platform content to launching paid ad campaigns and responding to online reviews, you need an experienced team in your court to grow your followers and increase your online influence.

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