If there’s been a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s that the needs of our planet have come more into focus for millions. One example is that those of us with a strong desire to travel, antsy from months of quarantine and work-from-home scenarios, began to explore more socially-distanced ecotourism options as a way to see the world. Even more local and regional opportunities have presented safe and eco-friendly opportunities for individuals and families needing a break from routine.

Now, with the public keenly watching the news for the latest on new strains and infection trends, the travel industry is facing extensions on many restrictions. If you haven’t already partnered with a team experienced in ecotourism public relations, now’s a great time to seek an agency that understands the challenges you’re facing. At Orange Orchard, for example, we both understand the pain points in the travel industry and seek to help promote safe, green travel options like yours.

Lean on your strengths, don’t forget the locals

Unless you’ve somehow, uniquely, soldiered through the pandemic without taking a loss in traffic and revenue, your marketing and outreach plan will likely need to change. An agency specializing in ecotourism public relations can work with your team to develop a customized communications strategy designed from the ground up to keep your destination top of mind among travelers.

By targeting key media outlets and journalists that appeal to your ideal demographics, your PR partner can begin building – or rebuilding – a memorable presence in the news for your destination. If, like many, you’re currently at the mercy of travel restrictions, there may be an opportunity to reconnect with the locals in your region and “rebrand” as a backyard treasure, so to speak.

The power of ecotourism public relations isn’t limited to media outreach during trying times, however. A good firm will help you maintain momentum on your website through engaging blogs and content and across your social media channels, too. By consistently interacting with potential travelers and providing value to them online, you can plant seeds for future bookings while working to maintain a sustainable flow now.

Don’t wait until the pandemic is completely over. Get ahead and into the minds of future travelers now. Contact Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 to begin engaging your next visitors today.