Would you follow a leader who you didn’t trust? Would you buy a product you didn’t believe in? Having a connection to your audience is everything, and cruelty free public relations can help you bridge that gap.

Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to get connected. Whether it’s doing a behind the scenes on TikTok or sharing positivity on Facebook, there are plenty of avenues to connect. A team like Orange Orchard can help how to determine your best route and how to travel it.

Is that audience connection needed to drive donations? Is it needed to let your audience know about a new cruelty free product? It’s important to determine who your audience is before trying to form that relationship.

Go where they are.

In addition to most of the population being on social media, publications and podcasts are still important and effective. If your audience is listening to a podcast or reading a specific website, cruelty free public relations can help garner you earned coverage in those forums.

Don’t get sucked into the numbers game either. Sometimes there can be more value in the podcast that has 200 listeners over the one that has 20,000. It depends on your message and the connection you’re needing. The same goes for readership.

Let them know.

Let them know about a new product you’ve released or an event you’re putting on. By staying in the news coverage, it gives your brand more opportunities to expand on your relationship with your audience.

It’s important to have a cruelty free public relations team to understand what news is and isn’t worth sharing.

If you’re interested in going more in-depth to understand how to best communicate your message, contact Orange Orchard online, or give us a call at 865-977-1973.