New South Wales recently celebrated a huge win for ecotourism with the decision to transform thousands of acres of forest into a $50 million sustainable adventure park. The move will boost the local economy and help protect the local ecosystems from the intended expansion of coal mining efforts, and those involved expect to draw more than 200,000 visitors each year.

On Santiago in the Cape Verde archipelago, a project called the Ecolodge Morgana has been finding success since its opening as a means to protect a local monkey population under threat from agricultural expansion.

These two planet-friendly destinations have one big thing in common. Beyond simply offering their guests a green vacation alternative, there’s a clear “why” in their story. Those planning to zip-line in the NSW wilderness can join the fight against destructive mining practices and travelers investing the West African getaway on Santiago will contribute to the survival of a species.

Most ecotourism organizations stem from a specific effort, but few do a good job of connecting their guests with that story. Partnering with an experienced ecotourism public relations team can help make that connection.

Sharing more than the attractions

There’s no reason to ease up on highlighting the hikes, guided canoe tours and sustainable lodging that makes your destination exciting and enticing, but it’s a best practice to ensure you’re releasing content and updates on the good works accomplished thanks to your guests, too.

To really nail the messaging, it’s critical to seek an agency experienced with ecotourism public relations. A PR team with direct experience in the space will not only better understand your “why,” but they will likely share your values.

Combining experience and similar values, a good ecotourism PR team with in-house content production can:

  • Share wins and advancements related to your cause through press releases
  • Drive interest among potential travelers passionate about your cause
  • Develop and share transparent blogs and articles explaining how your revenue from tourism is spent
  • Create and rollout engaging, educational campaigns on social media that can keep travelers up to date on your efforts

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