How PR can change stale mindsets

When it comes to disrupting the status quo, green tech companies need all the help they can get. Sure, it’s one thing to convince people who are already on your side. And it’s easy to connect with those who see your cause as a worthy endeavor. But what about the naysayers? The entrenched? Those who like things just the way they are? What happens when those are the people you have to convince to take a chance on your green technology? How do you change their mindset?

Sell Your Why

By now, most everyone in business has read, heard about or watched Simon Sinek’s take on selling your why. Simply put, your why is what gets people to buy into a product, service, movement or idea.

Why is a powerful motivator, and being able to properly communicate and get others to understand your why, especially when fighting an already uphill battle against an opposition market, can be daunting. It’s also something that you can’t tackle from only a one-way messaging channel. Marketing and advertising, while vital to your overall communications strategy, are simply not enough to change mindsets. That’s where green tech public relations comes in.

From a communications strategy standpoint, mindset change is often instigated first by third-party validation (aka someone else — or, in the PR world, the press — speaking on your behalf). By crafting stories that revolve around why you are doing what you’re doing, and not simply what you are doing, the media can help create a larger narrative around your technology and what it means to everyone involved — even those who aren’t sold yet. By harnessing that power, you can continue an honest narrative that connects with the hearts and minds of even the most stubborn of audiences.

If you’re looking to boost your green tech brand, contact Orange Orchard today. We can help you discover the story behind your why and share it with the media that matter most to your audience.