Starting a successful nonprofit is not an easy endeavor. The number of 501(c)(3) public charities registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year is in the millions, but many get in over their heads from the beginning. How can you take a great idea, make it actionable and plan for long term success?
That’s where an experienced nonprofit foundation public relations agency can help. An agency specialized in charitable organizations can help you plan for big goals and tell your story to the right audience to increase donor dollars and get your mission moving.

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How Can PR Help Launch Your Nonprofit?

Here are five ways PR can help:

Strategy: PR professionals can listen to all of your goals, priorities, and wildest dreams and organize them into an executable PR strategy. A PR strategy serves as a roadmap to achieve the milestones that you are aiming for and providing tactics to get you there.
• Voice: Sending the right message to the right audience will help your organization gain credibility and become a recognizable name to your cause. PR professionals can also make sure your message does not alienate audiences that you need as your allies.
• Media Training: As an expert in your space, you will likely have the opportunity to be interviewed on camera. Not everyone is super comfortable with that kind of attention. A PR agency can coach you on how to stay calm and speak clearly about your mission.
• Donations: Donor dollars are the foundation of your charity and creating awareness is important in securing them. Letting your audience know you rely on their help and creating buzz around your events and campaigns can help those donor dollars keep rolling in.
• Staffing: Not only does your nonprofit need dedicated volunteers, depending on the complexity of your work, you likely need to hire very specialized roles. As you gain more attention for your mission and message, you need to engage talent and willing participants to band with you in your work. By boosting your credibility, more will want to be part of what you are doing.

Ready to Change the World Together?

Focus on what you do well and let us help you with the rest. We are PR experts that can help you angle your message to boost donations, gain recognition, and grow your charity.

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