For many Americans, cruelty-free products are not only preferred, they’re the only options they’ll choose. In fact, the drive for cruelty-free products is in large part due to a cultural shift in how we as a species view our relationship with animals.

Nearly 40 countries have banned cosmetic testing, according to The Humane Society of the U.S., and while America has yet to make the move, the majority of Americans are in favor of phasing out cosmetic testing. The fight against animal testing has led to more than 600 beauty brands from around the world to go cruelty-free. At Orange Orchard, we think that’s amazing, and as public relations experts with a focus on taking your word out to the world, we want to help even more brands (cosmetic or otherwise) tout their cruelty-free products.

Here are five ways we can help you spread the word that your products aren’t tested on animals:

  1. Interviews – We have contacts within a variety of industries and media outlets who are interested in how your business is producing cruelty-free products. The cruelty-free movement is growing, and the mainstream appeal of such products in our everyday lives means that every interview you earn helps you be seen as a leader in the movement.
  2. Bylined articles – Bylined articles, or articles written for publications by guest authors, are a great way to reach your audience and tell your story. We understand the process from top to bottom, and our staff of seasoned public relations and journalism experts can help guide your message and content so that other publications will want to run your work.
  3. Speaking engagements – If you’re looking to showcase your thought leadership and even help others in your industry make the transition to cruelty-free products, speaking engagements are an important tactic. We’re constantly helping our clients land new speaking engagements and can even develop all the materials needed to help you fill your calendar. Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or looking to improve your skills, we can develop a plan that puts you in front of the right audiences.
  4. Blogs – Blogs are still one of the best ways to share information with your customers and prospects. We work with our clients to develop a healthy stream of relevant content that engages, informs and/or entertains users to help boost your online presence and sales.
  5. Social media – Through engaging social posts, we create a consistent presence that shows off your products and your processes. We share your interviews, bylines, blogs and speaking engagements so that we get even more mileage out of all your earned media.

If you’re looking to promote your cruelty-free products to a broader audience, contact Orange Orchard today.