Recently, the City of Knoxville received a $4.8 million federal grant for more electric transit buses. In addition to that, Knox County Schools have been installing solar panels on select schools in the district. These are just two examples that showcase how local and federal government are continuing to make efforts to support sustainability

Companies and institutions are beginning to recognize that we all share responsibility for protecting the environment. They’re also recognizing that it can have a positive influence on their brand.

Businesses that promote sustainability and support green initiatives deserve to be applauded and recognized for their efforts. But how do you gain the opportunity to be in the news when so many companies have made the move toward more sustainable operations? How do you get your story and brand message in the media?

Choosing a sustainable public relations firm like Orange Orchard will give you the competitive advantage you need. As champions of sustainability, our experts are passionate about working with companies that share our love for the environment and want to make a difference in the world. Our team has years of experience working with organizations that have the same desire you do for protecting the planet while also operating smoothly and effectively.

Our agency can help you promote your sustainable initiatives by providing content that highlights your goals for a more environmentally friendly world. With social media being a pivotal part of any plan, this content can be shared on multiple platforms to help expand your reach. Our experts will also use our expansive catalog of contacts to help you gain earned media opportunities through our pitching efforts.

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