These days, consumers want to know technology companies are doing the right thing when it comes to the environment, but don’t expect them to take your word for it.

Informed Consumers

Consumers want more transparency from the companies they support. Stories about how tech firms aren’t meeting their environmental goals, or are producing goods and services that emit more carbon than they claim to save are all over the news. Consumers and shareholders are looking for more than just recycling programs and LEED-certified campuses — they want to know that your commitment to the environment influences everything you do.

How your message is presented can be the difference between being perceived as a truly ethical brand, or one engaging in greenwashing for the financial benefits. And while a good environmental public relations strategy can’t replace real dedication to environmentalism, it can keep your sustainability efforts from being misunderstood or ignored.

Sharing Information

While not every data center can be powered entirely with renewable energy, an environmental PR campaign can make sure your customers and clients know where your power is coming from. Even simple things that may go overlooked, like innovative packaging designs that reduce single-use plastics and other waste, or software that monitors and limits its own power draw, can let your customers know how sustainable your products really are. Environmental PR finds and highlights your successes, rather than trying to hide the mess.

Building Your Message

Today, tech companies are more than just the products they make — having and sharing a consistent set of values with your customers is important. Environmental PR uses those values to build your messaging, showing how the actions and strategies your company takes every day are fulfilling the promises you make to them and the environment. Working from and marketing your values can not only build trust between your current and future customers, but for sustainable tech companies, it can often lead to financial success as well.

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