Whether you’re an animal welfare foundation, or a company practicing animal welfare initiatives, getting your information to media outlets should be a top priority. Animal welfare public relations can help.

Through media coverage, you can cast a wide net to your intended audience and even catch the eye of people you didn’t think you would attract.

Here are a few things journalists need from your news:

  • Relevance – How does this effect people? Is this important to the specific media’s audience?
  • Timeliness – The media doesn’t report on something that happened 3 months ago. Most outlets are interested in what’s going on today and tomorrow.
  • Attention-Getting– Editors and reporters need to generate traffic and engagement with their stories.

Partnering with an experienced animal welfare public relations team like Orange Orchard can help develop a plan to and meet these needs and maximize your coverage.

Press Releases

Through press releases, media can get all the necessary info. They get the who, what, when, where and why. When crafted properly, sometimes the media coverage will post your press release directly to their site. Other times, a press release can lead to an interview to go further in-depth. The right PR team will also produce a print-ready press release that maximizes SEO words. When the media publishes your story, it’ll be easily accessible by appearing at the top of the search page.

Media Contacts

The right animal welfare public relations group will have a vetted media list. If you have an announcement on your vegan makeup, then it can be sent to the plant-based outlets covering that topic. By having a PR team that has already established relationships in your industry, although not guaranteed, your chances of coverage and media pickup will be maximized.

Media Pitching

An experienced animal welfare PR team will go beyond the press release. Through the media contacts, a team like Orange Orchard, will think of appropriate angles and ideas to pitch your organization for. You will be pitched and positioned as an expert. As you continue to get pick up for different stories, you will continue to be thought of as a trusted source in your field.

The Orange Orchard team is passionate for animal welfare and ready to help. If you would like to find out more about PR and how we can help, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.