Your vegan franchise’s blog posts may be relevant and full of unique content. But, with more than two million blogs published every single day, getting those posts noticed can be a challenge.

The same is true of most of your content marketing efforts. Think about the billions of social media messages that are posted online every day from other food vendors, alone. Getting your brand message heard over the din of comments posted by your competitors is a daunting task.

But there’s one way you can get your brand’s message heard by your target audience: create a vegan franchise public relations plan.

Branded Content is not Enough

Your marketing team is already creating relevant and consistent branded content. But, if it’s not being heard or seen, it doesn’t do much to boost your company or message.

PR provides you with a chance to amplify your reach and generate demand. It showcases how valuable your company’s thought leadership and industry opinions are. This outreach can also get your content in front of the journalists who cover your market and the podcasters who discuss your industry’s news.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

One of the best ways to boost your franchise’s content marketing plan is to establish yourself as an industry or subject matter expert.

By monitoring industry news, you can offer your opinion or advice on issues that the media is already covering. For example, if the media is reporting on the effects of corporate farming, write a release on how switching to a vegan lifestyle can help.

It takes work and dedication to provide these tips on an ongoing basis. But, doing so gets you to the point where reporters call upon you to provide your opinion. PR helps you sell yourself as that expert over time.

Your vegan PR strategy should be consistent and organized so the media takes notice of your expertise.

Build Your Reputation

Finally, PR helps your marketing efforts by improving your standing in the vegan community and beyond.

If your company is known as an organization that is willing to provide free advice and help, you will build a positive reputation.

Not only can this help if you ever face an image crisis, but it also cements your brand as a favorable company in the minds of consumers.

If you’re ready to give your marketing a boost, the PR professionals at Orange Orchard are here to help. We understand your plant-based organization’s commitment to the environment and a better world.

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