The world is facing environmental challenges that are big, urgent and complex. The solutions are equally complicated – and that can make talking about them confusing.

No single innovation or good practice will halt climate change or animal extinction. Electric cars won’t be the magic bullet, and neither will reusable grocery bags or bans on plastic straws.

Small steps

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace the habits that are a small part of the solution. A reusable coffee mug won’t save the planet, but it’s still a better option than adding a paper cup to the landfill every day. Biking to work produces fewer carbon emissions than driving.

Delivering the message that lots of small steps add up to something bigger can be difficult, especially if you’re a startup competing in the growing market for earth- and animal-friendly products and services. It takes discipline, integrity and a long-range plan – and sometimes a partner.

Professional help

An agency that specializes in sustainability public relations can help you craft the most effective message for your brand. Here’s what a professional, experienced PR team can offer:

  • Engagement: We’re all in this together. Be inclusive and flexible. Invite people to join your mission. Don’t be an alternative to something else.
  • Simplicity: Focus on your product and its benefits. You’re not solving the world’s biggest problems, but you are making a difference – be clear and concise about how you’re doing that.
  • Transparency: Don’t make broad claims or promise more than you can deliver. Make information easily available – ingredient lists, sourcing, scientific data and other details about your company and products.
  • Encouragement: Be part of the solution! Build partnerships. Promote awareness. Give back, both time and money. Connect your customers and employees with organizations doing good and making a difference.

It’s not easy to communicate a complex message in today’s media environment. You’ve done the hard work of identifying a problem and creating a solution. If you’re looking for the right partner to tell that story, contact Orange Orchard online or call (865) 977-1973.