Your cause is worthy, the animals you serve are adorable and your animal welfare organization’s goals are commendable.

So, why aren’t you gaining any traction with volunteers, potential contributors and the media?

Chances are that they either don’t know about your initiatives or have no idea why the cause is worthwhile.

An animal welfare public relations strategy can help you garner the support you need.

Your story should be told

Simply put, the art of public relations is the ability to build relationships by telling an organization’s story and ensuring that story is seen by the right audience.

Telling a compelling story is one of the most effective and powerful ways to communicate with the target audience you need to raise awareness, funds and support. While presenting facts and figures to future stakeholders is necessary, couching flat statistical realities into a persuasive and captivating story will help you build credibility and solidify your brand.

Studies have long shown that people buy into people – or in your case, animals – far more than they do into products or services, especially if the cause is purposeful. Chances are the stories behind the animals that need our attention and the narratives about the history of your organization are just the anecdotes the public will clamor to hear.

Forging connections

Human beings have been telling stories since language was invented. Stories convey feelings, connect us with other human beings and pass along information more effectively than most any other medium.

According to a New York Times’ article, when we consume uninteresting information, our brains work overtime to try and translate that information into something we can use. But, when we hear a story, we are more likely to empathize with the storyteller. We develop thoughts, and opinions and become almost as invested in the outcome as if the story were our own.

And, once we have become invested, we are more likely to buy into or be attracted to that cause.

The animal welfare PR professionals at Ripley PR are experts at storytelling. Our writing professionals know how to carve out the captivating tidbits of your organization’s history and goals and put them into a compelling story that our media relations team can deliver to the right audiences.

If you want to start telling your story, call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us via our website and put our seasoned team of storytellers to work for your organization.