Franchising is an excellent tool for building exponential growth for a business. Just look at Ace Hardware, Re/Max and Marriott Hotels & Resorts. All these businesses have exploded to national prominence and earned spots on the Franchise Times Top 500 in 2022. As a vegan franchise, your business has something that can be used to increase growth that the other companies listed do not – a vegan message.

According to Soylent, 10% of U.S. adults identify as vegan or vegetarian. That same report states the plant-based market grew by 27% during the pandemic with the number of vegans worldwide reaching approximately 79 million. With the vegan food market continuing to increase, it’s a great opportunity to spread your vegan message to help grow your franchise.

PR agencies that specialize in vegan franchise public relations, such as Orange Orchard, understand the vegan media market and have experience securing media opportunities for clients in the industry. Vegan franchise PR agencies have a Rolodex full of vegan journalists and media publications they use to pitch story ideas to regularly.

Here are a couple of ways a vegan franchise PR-focused agency can use your vegan message to help your franchise grow.

Secure Earned Media Opportunities

Public relations is much more than just writing press releases and helping to protect your brand during a crisis. It’s about increasing brand awareness and recognition. Using your unique brand message, vegan PR experts can proactively pitch story ideas to industry journalists and publications. This helps secure earned media opportunities in trusted media outlets. When potential franchisees or customers see your name mentioned by a trusted publication, it increases your credibility. Media relations experts can also pitch print-ready press releases that showcase your vegan message to journalists to help get the news out about your vegan franchise.

Attract New Franchise Owners

Part of growing as a franchise is attracting new franchise owners to your business. Similar to the vegan market, the franchise industry is exploding with growth as well. Once again, this is where your unique vegan message can help you in your PR efforts. A vegan PR-focused agency can develop content that showcases your growth as a vegan franchise while also appealing to vegan entrepreneurs. Whether it’s showcasing your vegan journey as a franchise or providing individuals with a profile of the leadership team, this can catch the eyes of aspiring vegan entrepreneurs and set your franchise apart from the pack.

At Orange Orchard, our team doesn’t just support vegan franchises, we live the lifestyle. Many members of our team live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle with the belief of making the world a better and kinder place for animals. If you are ready to partner with a vegan public relations agency that works to deliver your vegan message, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.