When it comes to the conservation of our wildlands, there’s a substantial amount of work to be done before the world starts to change. From the preparation stage to research, community outreach, education and management- every aspect of your nonprofit will eventually need funding. That’s where grant writing comes in. A grant is sum of money that is intended to lead an initiative that’s usually for the greater good. So, how do you secure a grant?

Step 1: Do your homework

Before you rush into the application process, do your research. Not every grant will be the right fit for your organization and the writing process takes time, so use yours wisely. Identify grants that match your organization’s mission and then work on aligning your message. What’s the purpose of the proposal? Who is the intended audience? Develop strong relationships with the foundation members prior to applying. Not only will this help you decide if the grant is a good fit for your organization; it will show the foundation your passion and drive which will confirm to them that your organization will use the money prudently.

Step 2: Consider your resources

What resources do you have access to already and what resources could you use more of? Make a list to gain a more comprehensive look at how your organization operates to help you understand where you need the most assistance. When you build your grant writing team, look for detail-oriented people with strong multitasking and organizational skills. Partnering with a public relations agency to assist with your grant management is advantageous because rather than just one writer working on your project, you’ll have an entire team who all possess a wide skill set.

Step 3: Write with purpose

The more details you can provide, the better. Create a visual representation of what your organization looks like now and how it could look in the future with the help of the grant you’re applying for. Look at the list you made of specific resources in step two and decide where the money (if awarded) would be put. To create persuading content, you need a strong voice. Your information and statistics are important, yes, but at the end of the day, your grant writer should be able to inspire. If your writer believes wholeheartedly in your mission, it will show in their writing.

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